Monday, February 07, 2011

Floor Hockey

This evening the boys let me play floor hockey with them. It was really fun, and it was great exercise! It is a great chance to practice my stick handling and eye/hand coordination!

I am quickly discovering that I love hocking in all forms! I even love watching it now! I can appreciate it more now that I have played it, and I realize just how much skill you need to be that good!

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Mrs. Hammer said...

How fun that you are playing hockey! My brother played ice hockey for years and I loved going to his games. Since I was older I would sometimes be his chauffer to his games. He always teased that I was as loud and obnoxious (if not more) in the crowds as the actual parents.

Also, I posted a blog last week with awards and then totally forgot to tell people about it. Soooo, while it's late, I have an award waiting for you!

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