Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cake Testing!

This evening I got the chance to go to a cake testing with my cousin Mallory. It was really cool experience! The High Tea Bakery, the place I got my wedding cake from, was putting it on along with a decorating company at country club just outside winnipeg.

It was set up really nicely. Every table had a different set up, table cloth and centerpiece. There were nine different kinds of cake to try. My favorites were the cinnamon buttercream, the strawberry buttercream, and the chocolate chifffon cake. I also really enjoyed the banana cake.

We were only there for half an hour, but it was really good and I am glad we went.

I am staying at my cousins tonight, because she lives closer to my work. It is not even 10 yet, and I am about to go to sleep! I am excited about the amount of sleep I am going to get tonight!

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Brittney said...

Sounds like fun!! I can relate to the excitement over sleeping - I am the same way - always makes me super happy to get a lot! Hope you have a good time with your cousin.

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