Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fishing and Fabric

Last night we went out to my mom's place, because today was the annual ice fishing derby. The last few years I fished, but decided not to this time because we never catch anything. I am pretty glad I didn't sign up, because it was FREEZING! It was a nice sunny day, but the wind was blowing pretty hard and it was very cold! Eric went out with a few friends for most of the day. I took my brother to go fish for a while, and he lasted about 10 minutes, and so did I! However, we are still glad we went because we like going out to visit my family, and we got to spend time with family and friends.

Also while at my mom, I cut up some beautiful fabric! I dropped my sewing machine off for a cleaning and maintenance at the local fabric shop in Gimli, and while I was there I fell in love with this fabric:

So the next day a co-worker and I went back to the shop because she had 30% off all the fabrics and to enter some draws, and so I bought all of these to make a quilt with:

I just think it is so pretty. I don't know even what I am going to do with this quilt, but I just had to get this fabric! I will probably give it as a baby gift!

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