Sunday, April 03, 2011

Internet's Out

My internet is now completely out! I was lucky enough to get on blogger earlier, but now it is not loading anything. This is quite frustrating, but maybe it is good for me to be off the internet for a while!

This new low gi diet and no dairy diet is fine at home, but I am finding it quite hard going over to peoples places for meals. I feel rude turning down food, but eating it doesn't make me feel great. We just got back from a meal, and while it was delicious, my stomach is very angry at me. I really don't know what to do about it! What if all the food someone serves me is unsuitable?!? I just feel like staying home all the time for meals!

What would you do?
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Jennifer said...

I think it would be quite suitable for you to bring a few "snacks" along when you go to someones's place. That way you know you will at least have something to eat.
If you know the person well enough, perhaps you could request they make at least one dish that incorporates your new diet?? I'm sure it must be quite tough!! Praying for you!

Dayna said...

i think the longer you do it the more ppl will be aware and will consider your diet when cooking... remember how i was lactose intolerant all of those years? lots of ppl remembered and made a point of serving "dayna-friendly" food, but if they forgot or didn't know, i simply didn't eat it because it would have made me sick. it's not a matter of being picky (for me back then or for you now) it's a health issue... nobody will think you're rude for turning down food that isn't good for you. you are on a doctor-prescribed diet, right? i remember one time i was at someones house for lunch and the only thing i could eat was the corn! but they were super accommodating and found something in the kitchen that i could eat so i could have more than just corn! :) and the last comment was good, about bringing a few lindsey-friendly snacks. good idea!

Stacey said...

I was thinking about it, and maybe eat a small snack before you go, so if there isn't something you can eat, you won't be starving!

I think most people will be very understanding, and try to accommodate you. You might have to mention it before you go so they can plan for it. I know if you were coming to my place, I'd make sure to make something you could eat, and I would not consider it to be a bother :)

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