Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, it is finally over with! And I am doing alright.

I got to the hospital to check in just before 12. I right away signed some papers and got sent to surgical day care. On the way there I used to washroom. Big mistake because when I got admitted and changed into a gown, they wanted a urine sample! I managed to squeak out a few extra measly drops. I felt pretty dumb because I should have know better.

After I was changed, they weighed me and then I got to sit in the waiting room. My mom and stepdad were there by then. They sat with me and Eric until the nurse came to get me. Then all three of them left to go eat, while I got to starve. My stomach was doing flips by then.

I got my bloods taken, blood pressure, temperature and oxygen sats taken. Then I had to wait for a bed to open up, so I sat in big comfy chairs and the nurse brought me a nice warm blanket. Not long after that a bed was ready for me, and then I had to take my robe and slippers off and get into it. I wish I could have shut the curtains, because there was two older men right across from me as I tried to discreetly get into bed without them seeing my bum flying freely in the wind because of the hospital gown. It wasn't very graceful, but it was successful.

The nurse came to put and IV in. It didn't work so she called another nurse over to put it in. They used an 18 gauge, and I can't believe how much it hurt! And continued to hurt until it was taken out.

After my IV was in, I just had to sit and wait, for what seemed like forever. I didn't like it because it gave me too much time to think and worry.

Finally a dude came to get me and wheeled me into a dim room where I first saw Dr. K . He asked me if I had any questions or anything, and I said no. He asked how I was doing and was really kind and caring, for the first time ever!

A member of the Anesthesia team came to talk to me. She asked a bunch of questions, felt and looked at my throat and listened to my lungs. Shortly after that a surgical nurse came in and talked for a short while and then wheeled me into the OR.

I had to move myself from the bed onto the surgery table. They strapped my arms down, put monitors on me and made a bunch of jokes. I don't really remember drifting off. The last thing I remember is them putting an oxygen mask on me, and the anesthesiologist asking me if I felt sleepy. I said yes but I didn't feel that tired. I thought I would remember drifting off. But it was all so fast, I kinda felt like I was sleeping. But then all of a sudden I was waking up in a bright room with wicked menstrual type cramps.

They asked me what my pain was on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most and I said 7. I was still very groggy at this point, and my mouth felt like a desert. I couldn't decide what I wanted more, pain meds or a sip of water. They gave me an injection of pain killers, which I think was hydromorphone. We use that at work, and once I read what it was I was concerned that I would start vomiting because I know it can induce that.

After that, the asked me what my pain level was, and I said 5. They gave me more drugs I think. I was still quite out of it. They asked me again what my pain level was at and I said 3, the drugs were helping but it still hurt a lot. They gave me another dose, but then told me that it was my last one because the didn't want me to be too groggy. At some point I asked what time it was, and they said 320, and I remarked how bizarre it was! I had gotten rolled into the surgery room shortly after 2!

After that, I can faintly remember them saying something funny and I laughed, and the nurses we're all pumped because I was smiling. Shortly after that I was wheeled back into surgical day care.

A few minutes after I got there my mom peeked around the corner, said 'she's here, she's sleeping' and then Eric and Robert showed up.

I still had pretty bad cramps, and my mom made fun of me a lot. She told me if I thought this hurt, how was I ever going to get through labor! And when I asked Eric what kind of fluids I was on, my mom replied steak and potatoes. Haha. She continued to beak me until I told her I was doing this for her, so she could have grand kids! They stayed a while longer but had to leave to drive home. I am so glad she came to be with me though. My mommy loves me!

I think they left at 5, and I mostly slept. The time seemed to pass really quickly. A nurse came to check my vitals, and usually after that they let you get up. But I was still very groggy and went back to sleep for a while.

Finally I sat up, played scrabble with Eric on my ipod while waiting for the nurse to come get me. It seemed like the never were going to, so Eric convinced me to press the call button. It was 715 by the time someone came to help me to the bathroom. If I could 'go' , I could go home.

And I got to get ready to go home! I changed into comfy sweats and Eric pulled the car around and got me a wheelchair.

We stopped at shoppers to pick up a pain med prescription for me, and then went to see Alyssa's loft. She had ordered is pizza, and it was amazing. My first meal of the day and it was almost 9PM! We hung out there for a while and then headed to Eric's grandparents for night. We chatted with them for a while and watched the Blue Jay's game with them (they love baseball just like us!)

And now it is bedtime. I am pretty sore and hobbling around, but the cramping is gone. I am hoping the soreness won't affect my sleep too much.

Tomorrow we go to see Dr. K for a surgical report. They didn't tell us anything at the hospital, but I did see on my take home instructions that they cauterized endometriosis. I am glad to have answers. I knew there was something else wrong other than PCOS!

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Dayna said...

wow linds! your memory of the details amazes me! i'm thankful the surgery went well and that you're up and about... waiting to hear about the results.

love you!

Jennifer said...

So glad that everything went as well as could be expected!!

Anonymous said...

Your one strong woman, and i'm happy that everything went okay. I'm hoping your results will be helpful to you! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Glad it went well. Hopefully you get some good news today.

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