Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Running Program!

Yesterday I started a new running program called "Your Fastest 5K". I got it out of a magazine, and I have decided to use it because I need a goal. I am very goal oriented, and just running for 20 minutes will get boring eventually and I will loose motivation. This plan is 6 weeks long, so I know I will run for at least 6 weeks!

Yesterday I did a 20 minute easy run. Today I did surges. Surges are running fast for 30 seconds, then jogging slow for 2 minutes. I did 10 of those surges for a total off 24 minutes running! I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow is an easy run for 15-25 minutes, or cross training. So I will either go for a 25 minute run or do Turbo Fire!

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Jennifer said...

Did you find the program in the mag "Runners World?" I love that magazine!!

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