Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Journey To Fitness - Month 1 - Restart

I guess I kind of fell of the wagon with my monthly fitness updates. I will try again....

Pounds to goal: 60

Most minutes run: 40

Acceptable Goal: Follow the fasted 5k plan to train for the Manitoba Marathon Relay

Challenging Goal: Run the Manitoba Marathon Relay and not get last.

Ultimate Goal: Loose 60 lbs, win a 5K. To be active every day. To make exercise a habit that I stick to.

What changes I have made this month: I went to a naturopath and started a low GI diet, eliminated dairy, and starting taking certain vitamins, minerals and herbs. I have also been regular my exercising.

What I have learned this month: That I can eat healthy and still feel full. I have also learned that prepping food ahead of time makes it a lot easier to eat healthy! I have also noticed that my slow running pace is faster!

What I want to change next month: I would love to start doing my run in the mornings before work during the week. I want to continue this low GI diet and find yummy recipes to make.

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