Monday, April 25, 2011

Random Stuff From Today

Since I started this whole posting every day thing, there have been very few times that I don't know what to write, today is one of them....

Today someone came to look at one of the puppies and put a deposit on my tiny fawn shorthaired female. I went for a 30 minute bike ride alone in the morning. In the afternoon I went for a 30 minute walk with the Chihuhaus. I don't take them for walks very often which is a shame because they love it! But they don't really need the exercise, the Irish Setters do so I always take them.

The rest of the day I cleaned and meandered around the house. I drove to Matheson for a Partylite show. My step dad had made supper for me, so dropped off the puppies there and quickly ate before I did the show. I got home at around 10:30. It is a long lonely drive out there!

Today I also tried a new protein shake, and suprisingly it was good! I just mixed almond milk, chocolate rice "ice cream", and a scoop of chocolate rice protein powder. I though for sure it would be gross, but I enjoyed it. I am glad it turned out because I really had no idea how I was going to use the chocolate powder. The vanilla is good in smoothies, but I don't think the chocolate would be.

Tomorrow I have a 1 month follow up with the naturopath. I am excited to see her again. It is 45 minutes long, I really don't know what we are going to talk about for so long!

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