Sunday, April 03, 2011

Spring Cleaning!

I am so pumped! Finally I was able to log on to blogger! I have been trying for days. So this was the post I wanted to write yesterday!

It was nice and sunny out yesterday! The warmth always puts me in the mood for cleaning. I slept in WAY too late, and it ruined the start of my day. It was so hard to get going, but I decided I was going to overhaul our living room. We started a bit the other night by cleaning the computer desk and behind the couches. Yesterday I moved on to the book shelves and the coffee table. There was A LOT of sorting and cleaning to be done. I haven't quite finished, I still have to clean the TV stand and put some stuff in it's proper place, but it is so close to being finished!

After the living room is done, I plan to work my way back to the end of the trailer. I just want to get this whole place sorted through and organized. It will make everyday cleaning so much easier! Next is the kitchen, then the laundry room, and then the bathroom. The spare room would be next, but we already cleaned it last weekend! That is always the room I get stuck on, so I am glad it is already done! Then next it is our bedroom and then I am done the inside! I would also like to get the porch clean and organized. In my dreams I would like to have the inside cleaned by tomorrow, but I know in reality it will not happen. I want to do some more cleaning today, but it is Sunday and Eric doesn't like when I do housework on Sundays, especially when he is home!

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