Sunday, April 24, 2011


I love Easter. Not for the chocolates or the egg hunts, but because of what Jesus did for us. He could have freed himself from all the pain and suffering if He wanted to, because He is God. But Jesus chose not to. He chose to die on the cross, so I could be free. So you could be free. So everyone could lay our burdens down and be free. We don't deserve it, and it doesn't make sense, but I am SO grateful. He loves us, oh, how He loves!

But Easter can be bad. There is so much good food. I mean, bad food, but TASTY food. Today I did really bad nutritionally. I had way to much sugar, but I couldn't resist the temptation. Eric's Grandma K makes the most amazing food ever. The best part of Easter dinner is the shredded potatoes, so I ate lots of them. And then she had made a chocolate birthday cake, so I had two (small) pieces. I wanted like 10 more. And then there was an Easter hunt for all the grandkids, with lots of good treats. I ate a few of those. And then it was time for Faspa, and she had made whoopie pies and my FAVORITE white cookies. So I had one of each. Plus there was fresh Bothwell cheese, and I just had to sneak a slice.

I did feel really guilty. I know better than to eat all that stuff. But it is Easter. And we don't get Grandma's food everyday.

So I went for a run when I got home. A 22 minute run. The first 12 minutes was at a moderate pace, then 8 minutes running fast, and then a 2 minutes slow cool down jog.

And now I feel guilty no more! Yay!

Tomorrow I will do better. No treats for me tomorrow.... Ok.... maybe just one?

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Jennifer said...

Don't feel guilty-food is here for us to enjoy!! You are working out and mostly make healthy choices! I also had lots of fun eating Easter treats and goodies!! I love sweets soooo much!!! Seriously, I wish that I could only eat junk food...if only my metabolisim would agree!!

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