Monday, April 18, 2011

Productive Day

I had a very productive day today. And it feels like it because I am exhausted!

I meant to sleep until 9, but I was lazy so I didn't get out of bed until 9:45. I took the puppies outside because I am starting to house break them. I had some breakfast, and browsed online for a bit. Then I took the Irish Setters for a bike ride. Let me tell you, I never want to get Irish Setters again. They have no brains. If they see a bird, they chase it, no holding back. I love them dearly, and they are sweet dogs. But dangerous if you are on a bike and they are chasing a bird! I fed my horses by taking a wheel barrow full of hay down the driveway and to a drier part of the fence. I hate carrying hay out through all that muck and I hate having them stand in it.

After that I went to town to pick up mail, make a deposit and get groceries. When I got home I cut up peppers, cucumber and strawberries. If they are already cut up, I will be more likely to eat them! I also made some pudding with almond milk (tastes awesome!) and made my protein smoothie for tomorrow. My mother in law came for a visit to see the puppies.

Then I swept, vacuumed and moped the floors. I did dishes and tidied a little bit. I ran to the inlaws for cilantro so I could make tacos and pico de gallo for supper. While the burger was frying up, I packed my bags for the Partylite show. When supper was done cooking, I quickly fed my horses and then scarfed down some tacos. Then I changed and got ready for, and left at 6:45 for my Partylite show.

I had an awesome Partylite show, and got home shortly after 10. Right now I am waiting for my steel cut oats to finish cooking, then I can go to bed!

I really love days like this. They are my favorite. I love being at home, doing housework, cooking, working in the yard, taking care of my dogs, exercising, running errands. I can not wait to be a stay at home mom!

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Jennifer said...

Oh Lindsey, I totally get you. I'm also a homebody at heart!! I love just hanging out at home and enjoying our family. I also love those productive busy days-You are going to be a great Mom.

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