Tuesday, November 03, 2009

16 Minutes

Paris' Agility Classes
I have 16 minutes to blog today! Oops! I have been a slack blogger in the last couple months. To be honest I have another blog I have been focusing on. Maybe I will share it with you one day! But not today.

Today was day 2 of Finn's agility classes, and he was awesome. He stayed focused on me the whole time! And he didn't try to start a fight! I really think it was because we worked with him at home this week. We just need to keep it up. There is a good dog somewhere inside of him!

I started knitting socks today. I have about a 1/4 inch done. I was working in mittens but I borrowed some of the needles I need for those to Kathleen, and Eloa bought me this awesome sock yarn I am excited to try! I love knitting. I love knitting more than just a garter stitch scarf!
Here are the three sizes of mittens I have made. They are Children's small, medium and large:

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Hillary said...

that looks like fun! Where is this?
Good job on the mittens! Are you giving them to your cousins?

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