Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Weather

I know, it is very cliche to talk about the weather. But how could I not! After cold, wet summer this dry and sunny November is amazing! Every day without snow is like a bonus! I am so thankful for this! I am trying to take advantage of it as much as possible, by riding and walking and doing outside chores. But I get up at sunrise and drive home from work at sundown on the days I work so the last couple days I have not really had a chance to enjoy it! I do try to go for one or two short walking during the day while I am at work, either to the store or to get the mail. I am really hoping for a green Christmas, or at least green right up to it! It will make this winter seem alot shorter! I wouldn't be suprised if it didn't snow at all this winter. Of course, the one year we finally decide to invest in some winter tires!!!

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