Friday, November 06, 2009


Ok, this is going to be a lame post cause I don't have much time today!

Today had an interesting mix of events. I went to a funeral, a pig butchering, a Partylite show and now I am off to a small groups sleep over. It is a busy day. I am so glad I only work three days a week. The two extra days I have up fill up so fast. I feel like my head is all over the place. Gotta go before the sorbet melts in the car!


Dayna said...

perhaps short, but jam-packed with info! good for you that you can work 3 days a week and fill the rest of the time with things you love! (ok, and the things that just have to be done too) how was the sleepover? and who's funeral did you go to? was it someone i knew?

Lindsey Dueck said...

Sleepover was fun! I am actually still there. The girls are sleeping I am baking cookies for breakfast! The funeral was for my cousin Mallory's grandma.

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