Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Partylite Fundraising! Interested?

To whom it may concern:
Hello! I am very excited to present to you Partylite’s fabulous new Fundraising Program! It is simple, easy to use and profitable. Your organization will receive 35% profit on all sales!

Crafted exclusively of highly refined paraffin, Partylite is focused on creating the highest quality candle possible. Additionally, Partylite wicks are lead-free, ensuring a clean burn and maximum performance. Partylite has been in Canada for 17 years, and is well known for its quality candles and delicious scents.

I have included a sample order form for you to see. There are two types of products available, Mini Barrel Jars and Bestburn Tins. They come in a set of two for $18, which is an incredible value. In our catalog two Mini Barrel jars would cost $25 and Bestburn Tins usually cost $20 for a set of two when available. There is four sets of each available for a total of 8 different sets in our 8 most popular scents to choose from.

This fundraiser is great for organizations and projects big or small. Here are some examples of what your group can do. We will use 10 sets per seller as an average, but there are no limits to what you can achieve!

- 20 Sellers x 10 sets = 200 sets x $18 = $3600 in sales x 35% profit = $1260
- 50 Sellers x 10 sets = 500 sets x $18 = $9000 in sales x 35% profit = $3150
- 100 Sellers x 10 sets =1000 sets x $18 = $18,000 in sales x 35% profit = $6300
- 150 Sellers x 10 sets = 1500 sets x $18 = $27,000 in sales x 35% profit = $9450
- 200 Sellers x 10 sets = 2000 sets x $18 = $36,000 in sales x 35% profit = $12,600

As an incentive to your sellers, once your organization reaches sales of 300 sets, I will give an 8GB Ipod Nano to the highest seller. If you reach 600 sets, I will also offer an 8GB Ipod Touch to the highest seller and an 8GB Ipod Nano to the second highest seller. Reach 1500 sets I will give the highest seller a choice of a Nintendo Wii, 8GB Ipod Touch or the 8GB Ipod Nano, with the second and third highest sellers getting the remaining prizes!

Each order form has room for 14 customers. I would recommend at least 2 order forms per seller + 50. Orders can be shipped directly to each individual seller, who then can deliver the products to their customers. Please contact me if you have any questions and to schedule your fundraiser! Now is the time to start, as these sets make great Christmas gifts!

Lindsey Dueck

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