Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Date

Yesterday I attempted to surprise Eric with a romantic getaway to Misty Lake Resort. It did not work so well. He came home about an hour and a half too early. I was planning on packing all of our stuff and dropping off the dogs at my aunties ( I was not sure how I was going to explain where they were to him though) and telling him that we were going to supper, and then once we were there telling him we were actually staying the night. Well, he saw me sneak the bag to the car. So I had to tell him we were going somewhere for night, but I would not tell him. I told him it was someplace in Winnipeg, but we were going to Misty Lake for supper cause we had gift certs for the restaurant there. But when Eric asked me to explain our plans for the next day, I said, eat breakfast, drive to the city..... oops! I could not lie my way out of that one! I had to tell him we were staying there for night! He was still pretty excited nonetheless!

Anyways, Misty Lake is a pretty nice place. We got the room with a huge Jacuzzi tub, king sized bed and a fire place! The also have two outdoor hot tubs, one indoor, and a pool. We only used one of the outdoor hot tubs because the pool was too cold! The food was pretty good in the restaurant, but not the best I have ever had! While we were there, we realized we have only done something like that ONE other time in the 4 and a bit years we have been married! Kinda sad I would say! It was money well spent though!

Today we went to the city and hung out at the forks for a bit. In the afternoon we went to see New Moon. We didn't have to wait in like and we were lucky enough to get there early to get decent seats! It was a pretty good movie. We went to Montana's for supper cause it is my favorite, then home.

Today I am pretty sick, coughing lots, runny nose, sneezing. I really thing my cold was even more aggravated by the H1N1 shot I got on Friday. I didn't want to get it, but I had to because of the turkeys. :(


Mark said...

Good for you guys! It's always fun to get away and I think guys always appreciate it when their ladies take an interest in planning a date for them for a change. Way to go Lindsey!

Jobina said...

Whoops, not Mark, that was Jobina!

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