Thursday, November 26, 2009


Forgot to post yesterday! This is my makeup post! Yesterday I went to Curves for the firtst time in over a year! And yes, I was still paying for it *cringe*! Anyways, I am glad I went! I am going again today! I hope I can keep this up.

Last night I watched Orphan. Good movie, you should watch it! Eric and Colton watched it twice in a row, because I got home from small groups and wanted to watch it right after they finished it for the first time, and they agreed!

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Dayna said...

wow. it must be good for them to watch it twice in a row! i actually love watching a new movie two times close together, but like at least a week apart! doing that helps me catch all the things i might have missed the first time...

and now i have a new reason for doing this. i like to watch it first in english and then in german while the storyline is still fresh in my mind... i've learned sooo much german that way!

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