Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A Wednesday.

Today was a very busy day. We had a bunch of surgeries today, which included a cystotomy, a femoral head ostectomy and lumpectomy. For the cystotomy, we opened up the bladder and cut out a funny looking tumor from a dog. The femoral head ostectomy is where you cut off the head of the femur and a bit of the end of it. In this case, the femur was broken high up to the pelvis so we just removed the broken part. It sounds barbaric, but it actually heals quite well and the dog goes on to have a relativly normal life. A lumpectomy is a lump removal, we took two off a Lab today. I also had to do a dental cleaning on a cat. Sugeries were not done till 2, and I quickly inhaled my lunch somewhere in between. I actually remained quite relaxed though, despite all the busyness!

After work I took Paris to her first Novice agility class. She is doing quite well! I am excited to be taking her again. She is so good at it and she loves it!

Then we had youth, which was lots of fun! I love youth, the kids are awesome. Then I went over to Kelly Ann's and we finished watching America's Next Top Model together seeing as how I deserted her yesterday for 90210. Tomorrow I am going to the city, hopefully Eric is coming with me and we can make some sort of date out of it! :)

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