Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Roger's Video Direct

I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but every time I started I went back to the site to check out the plan, and ended up chaning my plan twice!

Roger's Video Direct is an online movie rental store, and I LOVE it! The movies come straight to your mailbox, and they each come with a prepaid return envelope! You pay a flat rate per month, depending on what plan you choose. You can keep the videos for as long as you want, and there is no late fees. That is why I really wanted to do something like this, because our late fees at D&T's was over $100 once!! We just cannot get the movies back on time! We either forget or don't want to make the extra trip to town. We have for sure saved lots of money doing this!

We started out with a 2 DVD at a time plan, but I found it was too long of a wait between DVDs. Probably a week and a half at the most. And when you are paying monthly, you want to get as many DVDs at a time. On that plan you could get unlimited DVDs per month. So I upgraded to the 3 DVD at a time plan, and that one worked really well. We usually always had a DVD unwatched, or else one was on the way. The most we had to wait was 2-3 days between DVDs. That plan was also unlimited DVDs per month.

Then I was about to blog about it, and when to check out the plans and realized the 4 DVDs at a time plan was the same price as the 3 DVDs, but you could only get 11 DVDs per month. So I checked my sales history and saw that it was only possible to get 7 or 8 DVDs a month with the 3 DVD plan, so I might as well go with the 4 DVD plan! At least it would be even less time between DVDs. And actually I have found we usually have 1 or 2 DVDs sitting around waiting to be watched with that plan! I am very happy with it.

If you want, you can exceed the 11 DVDs a month (in a billing period), but you will pay a bit extra. Also, the DVDs are shipped off a list that you make. You can rank them with the ones you want to see sooner, and they usually ship the highest available title off you list.

You can rent Seasons of TV shows off there, which is what we have done ALOT of! Now we don't have to go and spend the 50 bucks per season but we can still catch up on a lot of shows!

Also, if you indicate online that you have sent a DVD back, they will send you a "refill", which means they will send you another DVD before the recieve the other one! You only get one refill at a time. And if you REALLY want to see a movie, you can rent it for $5 over and above the cost of your plan. And they will send it out to you right away.

I am very happy with them. They have really thought of everything! There is an awesome selection and it will really save you money if you rent alot of movies (or forget to take them back!). They have a two week free trial!

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