Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I realize I forgot to post on Sunday. And yesterdays was kinda cheap. So I will do two today! Or tomorrow.

Sunday was mostly spent with family, eating, walking in the bush, knitting, hanging out. Monday I went to see Cam speak in the high school. Then I had a bunch of business stuff to do in town and a Partylite order to unpack. Also I had to drop some stuff off in Arborg and work for an hour to train the new girls in the Arborg clinic. Then I was off to the city for a Partylite meeting in the nicest neighboorhood in Winnipeg. That is where the picture of the house is from. I know it was hard to see, but that is the house of the first Partylite consultant in Winnipeg. SO BIG and so gorgeous inside! I had a really good meeting, got lots of good idea. Learnt LOTS about our new fundraising program. It is actually quite awesome! The group gets 35% of sales, and it is a very simple and streamlined program. If you know anyone that needs to do some fundraising, let me know! The product that is sold is actually cheaper than in the catalog! It really is a great deal!

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