Thursday, November 05, 2009

Donut Driving

We just got our tire fixed 3 days ago. Today Eric came to work with me in the morning cause we were going to the city at 12. It was really nice to have him there, he helped me with lots of stuff. He even got to watch a spay! We had a really busy morning, and I didn't get all the stuff done I wanted to.

Our tire was low when we got to the city, so we went to super lube where they gave us a paper while waiting and filled up our tires for free. So really, the paid us to fill our tires! Hehe.

About 2 hours the tire was flat again, so we put our spare on. Now we have to drive 80 all the way home and it sucks. But as the always look on the bright side Eric says, at least we don't have to get stuck behind sickeningly slow drivers, because we are them!
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Dayna said...

loves eric's optimism! i mean, there really is always a bright side!

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