Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flowers for me!

Yesterday was a nice day off. It was gorgeous out, so in the afternoon I went for a ride on Chai, and ran into Kathleen and Madison on the road! They allowed me to ride with them for the remainder of their ride! That is the last bit of riding I will get in until at least Monday! I am so thankful for this nice weather! Being November, I am very grateful for every day we have without snow! It is a gift! I would be glad if we had no snow for Christmas! I have never experience a "green" Christmas that I remember!

Today I had a really rough day. I was just down all day, and for the last couple days actually. I barely got to see Eric let alone talk to him about how I was feeling. Not that I needed to. When I got home from work today supper was basically ready and he had flowers waiting for me on the table! I guess he just knew thats what I needed this week! I LOVE HIM!

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