Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yesterdays Post!

Obviously I cannot handle posting once a day! At least I have been posting much more regularly than usual! I will do two today, even if the second may not interest you.

Yesterday I went to RABA for the first time in a long time. Kelly Ann's tap dancing group was performing there, so we went to watch. Their dance was really good! But socials and dancing are just NOT my thing, so we didn't stay late. During the day I set up a Partylite booth in Gimli at the middle school's craft fair hoping to get my name out there a little bit. I didn't sell anything, but I hope I will be getting some phone calls from there. I would really like to get my business started there. I am trying to earn the Partylite incentive trip, but I have ALOT of work to do to get there! If you can help me by having a party that would help so much!

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