Saturday, November 07, 2009


This morning I work up at the Brandt's house. We had a really fun small groups sleep over, but I am sad Megan couldn't make it. We had a tonne of amazing food, because Luella is an amazing cook! My tire was flat again. Stan changed it for me cause I am pathetic. I left at around 12:30.

At home I fed the horses and started brushing Chai for a ride while he ate. But then Zaiyah came up and was staring at me cause she wanted to be brushed too. She is so much easier to brush that Chai. Her coat is silky and smooth and easy to get the dirt out. Chai's is long, curly, dry and discoloured and the dirt gets stuck right in there and it is hard to get it out. They are both starting to grow their fuzzy winter coats, but I think I need to get Chai checked for Cushings. He does had a few patches of soft fuzzy hair that he didn't have before, so I have hope that with the vitamins and good food and deworming he is getting his coat will shed out in the spring to reveal a nice one!

I took Chai on the ride, but I really wanted to take Zaiyah. I am considering finding some boards around the farm and finishing off my arena this weekend so I can finally ride in it and get back on Zaiyah. It was quite the interesting ride! Kathleen's horse Pizzaz got spooked after he let out a huge fart and she got tossed off. Pizzaz turned around and started galloping home. Both Jared and my horses also turned around galloping behind Pizzaz. I could not get Chai to stop for a long time. Jared was far ahead of me and he caught Pizzaz and walked him back to Kathleen. Thank God she was ok!

When I got home Eric and I took the Irish Setters for a walk. They pull SO much! But it was great for them to do something different and get some exercise. And of course it was good for us too! We are trying to go for more walks and exercise more. I really need to get healthy already!

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